Film Centre New Hire Faculty Checklist


-Understanding Film Centre Policies and Systems

New Faculty at the JHU-MICA Film Centre must have a firm grasp on our policies and our systems to ensure a smooth transition into the building. It is imperative that new hires read through the 'General' section to the left to receive an in-depth understanding of how we operate. This section covers WiFi, internet accounts, security, etc. 

Those teaching or utilizing production equipment or facilities will need to have a firm understanding of the 'User Agreement' section to the left.  


-Card Access to the 2nd Floor of 10 E. North Ave along with any necessary internal spaces. 

JHU and MICA Faculty who have received ID cards have access to the 10 E North ave front entrance, stairwell, and 2nd floor entrance, along with elevator access.

For issues with JHU cards, please email Melissa Capello ( For MICA card issues, please email MICA campus safety at 410-225-2355

-MICA Sponsored Account.

The MICA sponsored account is the username and password associated with any Film Centre-specific logins. This includes: Computer login, storage server access, equipment reservations, production facility reservations, and Lynda tutorials via the MICA portal. 

New hires at MICA will be added to the system automatically. 
JHU faculty will need to be added by Melissa Capello at:


-WebCheckout access with proper access levels. 

WebCheckout is the system used by both JHU and MICA for both equipment and production facility reservations. Your login is the same as your sponsored account and the URL can be accessed on the homepage of this website.

Please email before your first day of class with your production equipment/facility needs. 


-Understanding of classroom facilities or production facilities required for class. 

The Film Centre does not utilize classroom technology seen elsewhere at JHU or MICA. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with Film Centre AV systems before your first day of class. 

Todd Evans or a cage staff member can help you with classroom issues from 11AM-6pm Monday-Friday, and 11-4 on Saturdays. If you need technical assistance, require a Skype camera, or Cage equipment between 9AM-Noon, please email Todd Evans (

-Shared office computers, printers, and copier. 

The Film Centre utilizes an open office setup. Make sure you have an understanding of what computers are shared, and what printers are where and how to use them. 

Printers must be set up with an IP address which can be found on the machine you're trying to set up. 
Copier driver can be found here


-Printer/Copier setup on a personal laptop if applicable. 

Email if you need to print from a personal computer at the Film Centre. 



Make sure you have a mailbox in the mail section of the office!  


Please read the 'General' section to the left for a more in-depth understanding of how the building operates. 

General questions or concerns with any of these items can be emailed to our Program Coordinator Melissa Capello, or Manager of Production and Post Production Todd Evans: