Building Access

MICA and JHU IDs automatically allow student access to the Film Centre.

If you experience a problems with your card entering the building please contact your campus safety office. 

-Students are able to access the film centre between 7am and 2am during Fall and Spring semesters. 
Look out for summer/winter hours in the newsletter or posted around the building. 

Base-level card access includes;

-Film Centre Entrance (North ave.)
-2nd Floor Stairwell Entrance,
-Computer Classroom - T239,
-the Grad Lounge - T205 (Grads Only)

Access to internal facilities at the Film Centre is determined by course enrollment. Production rooms are managed by keys. Authorization for these rooms can be found on the inventory page on this site. Students enrolled in courses that take place in production spaces will have card access to those facilities for that semester.


10 E North ave is patrolled by JHU Campus Safety who collaborates with MICA Campus Safety.

JHU Campus Safety and Security: 410-516-7777
MICA campus safety: 410-225-2245

MICA Campus Safety Alerts 

Make sure you are also receiving campus-wide emails from your respective institution.

Digital Services

Digital Services at the Centre are supported by MICA systems.  In order to log into computers, access the server, make classroom, equipment, production room reservations utilize tutorials, and access Adobe software at home you will need a MICA email address and password.

JHU students who are enrolled in a course, at the Film Centre are automatically enrolled in the system. You will receive an email at your JHU account from with instructions to set up your password.  If you have not received this email, contact the Film Centre at the address at the bottom of this page.

If you have set up an account but forgot your password reset your password here

If you forgot your username you can ask any Film Centre staff member to look up your account in WebCheckout to see if an account was created. 

If you are a JHU student, sign up for MICA email blasts to stay abreast MICA campus issues by following these directions.

Still having Trouble?

Check your account by logging into the MICA portal as seen below at: If you aren't seeing certain items in WebCheckout it is likely something you need to address with the cage staff. 

If you can log in at all your account is working! 


Reserving Rooms and Equipment

You will need to attend one of the Film Centre Cage orientations at the beginning of the semester to be able to access Film Centre equipment and production facilities.

Reserve equipment, production facilities, and classrooms using:

Film Centre Server

All Film Centre courses will have access to our internal server. Our server is fast enough to work off of, but you are responsible for backing up your work elsewhere.

The server will show up automatically on the desktop as ‘Film Centre’ on any Film Centre computer using the permissions of the login patron. The server can only be accessed inside the Film Centre.

If you need to use the server under the user micauser you can follow the steps below to access the server. 

If you become disconnected for any reason, or need to login while on a different account, go to; ‘Finder’, ‘Go’ in the toolbar, ‘Connect to Server’ and type in: smb:// You will then be prompted to enter your login credentials. You may need to eject the server before reconnecting if you are on someone else's account or a shared account. The server is only able to support 120GB of storage per student. Student’s violating this rule will have their server access revoked.

If you are a major or currently enrolled in a production course @ the Film Centre and are having trouble logging into the server, please email the address at the bottom of this page. 

Computer Wiping

Computer hard drives will be wiped weekly. You are required to keep any and all projects on YOUR own external media. The Film Centre is not responsible for ANY work that is lost.


There is some free street parking in the back of the building on St. Paul st or 21st, and the lot next to the Centre is $6 a day. THEY WILL TOW.


JHU and mica IDs work on either institutions shuttle service.

-Northbound @ North ave and Charles (SE corner)
-Southbound @ North ave and St. Paul (NW corner)

JHU Shuttles

MICA Circulator
MICA Circulator stops in front of the Centre through out the day.

MICA Shuttle, upon request,
Sunday - Thursday from 5:00 pm until 3:00am
and Friday - Saturday from 5:00pm - 4:00 am.