Jane Cottis is a MICA instructor and currently a mentor in the ‘Finding Our Wings' community documentary collective. Within this collaborative group of MICA members and teenage girls from East Baltimore, she has co-produced two short narratives: ‘Cicadas' (2010) and ‘Every One Loves Brienna' (2012).

Cottis has been making and screening videos for over 20 years. Her productions include: 30 Days. Biggest Loser? (2009), 20+ years, (2009) It's a Lesbian World After All, part 1(2006), Penny Wegman (2006),) Sororocide (1998), War on Lesbians (1992) and Dry Kisses Only (1990), which have screened nationally and internationally. She has also worked collectively on numerous Paper Tiger Productions. 

 She has been a video instructor for more than two decades teaching at: the Art Institute of Chicago, the California Institute for the Arts, the University of California San Diego, the University of California Irvine, Otis, Hampshire College and now MICA.

Jane is a frequent collaborator with the Baltimore Viewfinders, a youth organization that aims to help people through art and personal expression.